Financial Wealth System Online by Bob Scott

Success just seemed to be getting away from me...

I thought the answer was to try to make more money. So I got to work. I took all the things that were working in my business and did more of those things. More marketing. More products. I worked real hard for six months but when the dust settled and I counted up, I found I hadn't got anywhere!

It was like the harder I tried, the harder it got!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got really fed up with this and decided to find a reason for this stupid and annoying phenomena.

For weeks I was really down in the dumps. Was it fate that I was destined to struggle? Was I doomed to be a failure all my life?

I pulled myself together and began tackling the problem logically.

I started by studying lots of highly successful people. I noted all their similarities and differences trying to find the one key element that actually allowed their almost effortless success.

I had to find out what it was

Was it their background? All the people I studied came from a wide range of different backgrounds. In fact the common theme for most of them was that they came from very poor backgrounds. Not all of them though, so that wasn't it.

Was it their brain power? Quite a few of the people I studied couldn't actually read or write when they started! So that definitely wasn't it.

Was it that they bought lots of personal development CDs and books? No. Some of them had never even heard of goal setting!

Was it the quality of the support they received from friends and family? Most didn't have any friends when they started and some didn't have any family back then. So that cannot have been it.

Was it that they were loved more as children? No. Some of them were orphans and had a pretty miserable childhood.

Was it that they didn't watch the TV or avoided reading the papers or didn't believe in God? No. Most of them did all those things.

So what was it?!

I was completely at a loss. Worn out from searching I gave up and decided to have a nap for half an hour...

Suddenly I awoke with an idea! A lead if you like. I was convinced. It made perfect sense. It was something real, practical and so easy to do I was speechless! Now it was time to test it...

It was an idea that would change my life forever!

When I used my method for the first time I was amazed at how fast things changed! The best way I can describe it to you is like this.

Imagine you're stood in a long, fairly wide hall and you haven't had anything to eat for days. You're tied from both ends of this hall by 2 elastic ropes. Every time you try to move too far forward, you spring back to where you started from.

Imagine also, at each end of the hall are 2 salivating lions who haven't been fed for a week. They're on leashes so they can't reach you within a certain radius. Phew!

Now imagine I cut the elastic rope attached behind you. You can now move forward freely. But would you want to yet?...

Next imagine I replace the lion in front of you with your favorite 3 course meal. Steaming away. There's nothing stopping you from moving forwards now. So you move forward. You don't run though. There's no need... until... I increase the length of the leash that ties the lion behind you! Then you RUN! Towards more success and more money!

The elastic ropes act as your desires of having money (which is the only true measure of success) and of having less money. The lions act as your fears of having money and of having less money.

Yes you heard me right, you actually secretly desire less money! Someone who you look up to could be subtly showing disapproval when you do better and approval when you do worse. (This can happen in your imagination too!) This 'pulls' you slightly in the direction of having less money. In other words, you start spending more and/or doing worse to get their approval.

When you get rid of this wanting approval it's like me cutting the elastic rope behind you back in that hall. My method is designed to do this so you'll never desire less money again.

Fears of money

Your fears of money run deep. You'll have learnt them early on in life. Daily you're bombarded with messages from the media that bolster these fears (For example, the phrase 'frightfully rich' or 'dirty cash' or 'it's tough at the top'). The wealthy are apparently nearly always targeted by the media for some juicy scandals. It sells newspapers real well but it also increases your fear of money.

When you get rid of your fears of money it'll be like removing the lion ahead of you back in that hall. My method is designed to remove your fears of money by the root.

Desires for money

Desires for money are hardly ever thought out by people. Usually, people increase their desire for money when they need it. Like if a new family member arrives or they need a new car or a bigger house. This is why people tend to get slowly richer as they get older. It's not because they're accumulating more, it's that they desire it more as they get older.

When you drastically increase your desire for money it'll be like when I put a 3 course meal in front of you back in that hall. My method is designed to multiply your existing desires for money.

Fears of less money

Fears of having less money are obvious and are what drive most people. They teeter just above broke because this seems to be the safest place for them. Their 'lion' is the humiliation of having to beg and plead for money. (But a multimillionaire's 'lion' is getting down to his last million! Funny that isn't it?)

When you increase your fears of having less money, it'll be like when I increased the lion's leash back in that hall. In other words, you'll RUN!

The effect of my method is immediate and permanent. If you're in a job, you'll start automatically doing the things necessary to get an easy salary raise. If you have a business, you'll start seeing opportunities that were there all the time but you ignored them because you were 'happy' with the situation as it was. How do I know this will happen to you? Well here's what happened to me as an indicator...

Straight away I began making lots more money and working a lot less!

Financial Wealth System Online Bob Scott writes for a publishing company called Decapo Publishing. They produce information and training courses for the home business market.

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