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Online social media has been around ever since the inception of the Internet. The only thing that has changed is that more and more people are now participating. As more and more people participate, interest grows, then even more people participate and it gets exponentially larger. We are now on the brink of an evolution of the Internet... A maturity.

The Internet has become a mirror reflection of who we are as humans. This boom in social media participation has spawned the need for business to pay very close attention to this tsunami in order to decide if entering this space would be appropriate.

More and more, the target audience across a wide range of markets, are participating in this boom. Millions and millions of conversations and micro-conversations are happening between people all over the world. The physical distance between humans has become irrelevant and the physical world has suddenly shrunk into a mass community.

As a result of this, business has the ability to connect with hundreds, thousands or millions of people without the barrier of distance and without any more effort than typing words on a page.

How to harness this vast resource is the question that this membership will answer...

As humans these are the three things that we always seek in everyday interaction with people. Social media networks are just an extension of our natural human characteristics.
Are there any guidelines? The most successful people in social media or in any business realize that they need to cater to these three things that people crave. These are known as the three E's of social media.

How does that really work for us? You need to evaluate your content. Is this educating anybody? Is this enlightening anybody as to a new possibility or a solution for a problem? Does it entertain the reader?

Be Educational, Enlightening or Entertaining: Money making no secrets .

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I see myself as a "data-miner," plugged-in about 24/7. The deeper you immerse yourself in social networking, the more you develop a sort of "6th sense" about the whole thing, understanding where it's going to go next.
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